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Sharing My Expertise

Jemille Q. Duncan


Jemille offers speaking services for televised panels, media interviews, syndicated radio shows, award banquets, community events, and graduation ceremonies. If you desire a custom service, please contact Jemille for further information.

Policy Consulting

The author of over 80 pieces of legislation, Jemille has worked on policy for Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker, State Senator Sharif Street, Philadelphia City Councilmember Anthony Phillips, Councilmember Cindy Bass, Councilmember Bobby Henon, UrbEd Advocates, Greg Scott for PA, and many more. He has also advised on commissions for the Philadelphia Police Department and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). Jemille offers policy advice to politicians, nonprofits, companies, and organizations.


An award-winning columnist, Jemille is an experienced and skilled writer who uses his policy background to inform his writing. If you'd like to pitch to Jemille, please contact him, giving a brief description of what you'd like him to write about.

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